Satisfy Your Need for Speed With Competitive Go-Karting

Satisfy Your Need for Speed With Competitive Go-Karting

Join one of our fun go-kart leagues in Cedar Rapids, IA

If you love the rush that comes with finishing first, then competitive go-karting is perfect for you. Join one of the eight go-kart leagues racing to the finish line at Speedeezz 2 Indoor Karting.

We host five-week leagues throughout the year for adults and junior drivers. All kids must be between the ages of 8 and 13 to quality for the junior sector.

To sign up for our competitive go-karting in Cedar Rapids, IA, call 319-200-2599.

Why join a competitive go-kart league?

Competitive go-karting provides community, fellowship and a lot of fun. If you're new to the Cedar Rapids, IA area, this is a great way to make friends and lasting connections. Not to mention, burning off some steam at the race track is a real stress reliever.

If you're interested in joining one of our fun go-kart leagues, call 319-200-2599 to learn more.

Speedeezz 2 Indoor Karting - Racing League Info

Team Kartman:

Endurance Racing is not for the faint of heart! Find some friends and take on the 3-hours of Speedeezz 2 Indoor Karting! This race begins with a qualifier to determine starting grid position, once the Green Flag drops, you and up to 4 additional teammates will race for 3 hours! With a minimum number of pit stops required, you and your team will need to determine the best winning strategy to come out on top! Do you have what it takes to last the full 3 hours?

  • 6-10 teams per Enduro
  • 2-5 people per team
  • 3 hours long

Adult leagues:

9 Total AEKC Leagues threw out the year. With 8 Champs advancing to Final Championship league. The other 8 spots filled with buy ins. To make 16 racers fighting for the chance to go to the National in Jacksonville, Florida.

Iron Kartman:

An Iron man is a solo endurance race where you and up to 9 other racers compete head to head. Strategy and hydration are key here as you will be racing for continuously for 60 minutes. You will need to time your kart changes perfectly.

Junior leagues:

Are set up with one 5 week league and will determine the champ at the end of 5th week. Will win prizes.